NCW Collections is home to hundreds of oral histories, stories, and other content IRIS has gathered between 2003-2021 that add meaning and understanding to our collective experience in the region. Our focus is on good stewardship, informed by our history and traditions, that enhances the sustainability of our lands, communities, and economy. Altogether, these collections are intended to provide users with context needed to fuel effective collaboration, a fundamental key to success. We hope you enjoy exploring the collections, using it to inform and inspire your own path, and adding your own story to this ever-growing community bank. See the online Thinking Like a Community, NCW Collections Handbook for background and suggested activities. 

The more we understand our neighbors and the needs of the whole, the more apt we are to “think like a community” and craft solutions that work for the greater good.

All together the Gathering Our Voice, Success Story Exchange, and Food Systems collections explore ways to maintain diverse, healthy ecosystems, foster a high quality of life for all, and bridge cultural and political divides. Content is cataloged according to these categories: